Vertigo Moire Wallcovering


The Vertigo Moire is an eye-catching wallcovering with a high luxe finish. The Moire effect is a series of waves which creates a hypnotic pattern, each one completely unique. Use this design as a statement wall for texture, distinctive luxury or to create a mood. Please enquire for all colour options. Sold by the linear metre, free match 0 cm


High-gloss lurex fabric constructed with metal fibres makes up this wallcovering. This creates a long-lasting material with a high sheen. This wallcovering reflects the light in various directions, giving a different look as natural light moves throughout the day. Pair the Vertigo Moire with natural materials such as wood and marble for a beautiful contrast in an interior. The Vertigo Moire is available in 11 lustrous colours with a free match of 0 cm.


The trendsetting Arte wallcoverings are produced using environmentally friendly processes, mainly in Belgium. The lead time for most Arte wallcoverings is 2 - 3 days.

Width (cm) : 140
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