Signature Trace Wallcovering


Linen has a truly contemporary transformation with this inverse coloured geometric Signature Trace wallcovering. Characteristic skylines and urban shapes inspire this bold design yet it is softened by the natural structure of linen. Choose from gentle neutrals for a subtle look or vibrant colours to make a statement in a space. Rolls of 10.05 m x 1.00 m and a straight match of 90 cm. Please enquire for all colour options. 

The Signature collection has the simple yet strong concept of using linen as its base of its design. Linen evokes summer days and relaxed style and this is now translated to walls. The structure is also long lasting, natural, and has an elegant feel that is almost effortless.


The trendsetting Arte wallcoverings are produced using environmentally friendly processes, mainly in Belgium. The lead time for most Arte wallcoverings is 2 - 3 days. Price is by the roll.

Width (cm) : 100
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