Revera Geo Wallcovering


Geometric Revera Geo has a mirrored effect due to the shiny foil base. The design also changes throughout the day as light reflects on different areas of the wallcovering. This luxurious surface has a lasting impression on the viewer. The Revera Geo is available in deep fuchsia, blush, silver, blue, gold and pale grey - please enquire for all colour options. Straight match 64 cm.


Textiles inspire the Revera range and pushes the boundaries of wallpaper. Techniques such as foil, flock and patchwork are used in this collection as well as influences of fashion prints and catwalk designs working their way into the designs.


The trendsetting Arte wallcoverings are produced using environmentally friendly processes, mainly in Belgium. The lead time for most Arte wallcoverings is 2 - 3 days.

Width (cm) : 90
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