Oculaire Unite Wallcovering


The Oculaire Unite collection is made from handwoven fibres which are cut and arranged by hand using a classic inlay method. The overlapping circular design creates a versatile wallcovering which can be either bold or subtle depending on the number of colours used. This range is available in warm or cool neutrals, ice blue and also two bold tri-colour designs - please enquire for all colour options. Sold by the linear metre - straight match 45 cm.

This special wallcovering is handmade from natural sisal, a strong fibre derived from the agave plant. A trompe-l’oeil effect is created from the fabric being cut into shapes and then carefully arranged and glued. The Oculaire range brings warmth, fun pattern, natural materials and also a modern yet tropical vibe to a space.


The trendsetting Arte wallcoverings are produced using environmentally friendly processes, mainly in Belgium. The lead time for most Arte wallcoverings is 2 - 3 days.

Width (cm) : 90
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