Monochrome Grid Wallcovering


Multi-directional diagonal patterned squares make up the Monochrome Grid wallcovering. This design highlights the glossy relief ink, bringing a luxurious texture to the surface. This pattern reflects the light in various directions, changing as natural light moves throughout the day. The result is a fun contrasting wallcovering in blue, brown, or subtle neutrals. Rolls of 8.50 m x 0.70 m. Straight match 32 cm. Price is by the roll.


The emphasis of the Monochrome Collection is on the luxurious textured finish of the wallcoverings in a single colour. The technique uses shiny metal relief inks printed onto a matte or metallic surface. The Monochrome Collection highlights natural and common materials such as timber, leather, tiles, and plants.


The trendsetting Arte wallcoverings are produced using environmentally friendly processes, mainly in Belgium. The lead time for most Arte wallcoverings is 2 - 3 days.

Width (cm) : 70
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