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About alter london

Alter London is quintessentially a British business with a passion and heritage in the design and manufacture of high-end bespoke furniture.

Lavish talk and overpromising on lead-times is not the Alter London way. We take pride in our work and simply respect our clients too much to compromise quality and delivery for the sake of profit.

At Alter London we make functional, high quality, beautiful furniture, tailored to match any design project. In fact, Alter London can bring to life any design vision while offering the prestige the interior designer and end-consumer are expecting through every product.


We are known for perfecting the bespoke practice, using the very best in materials and methods.

Imagination is the only limitation when you have access to the Alter London product range of high-quality sofas, ottomans, dining chairs, beds, headboards, benches, stools, chaise lounges and home accessories.

The Alter London bespoke service gives you complete freedom to design furniture for any interior space, meaning having your furniture your way.

Our lead production technology allows us to produce made to order, made to measure furniture using the very best in materials and methods, and thanks to an uncompromising approach to quality, style and attention to detail you are guaranteed a high-end product that is uniquely crafted to your specifications.

The Alter London bespoke process consists of six simple steps that guarantee secure and timely delivery without compromising product quality.


Designed and manufactured by our specialist craftsmen in our ever-changing showroom, each piece of furniture is functional, attractive and makes an enviable statement in any space.

The Alter London production team works diligently to create beautiful furniture of the highest quality. From carpenter to seamstress, no detail is left to chance, and no product leaves our facility without meticulous inspection.

Working with some of the finest materials in Europe, our production space is like a Willy Wonka factory of colourful fabrics and fluffy feathers with our showroom being the delightful candy store.


The Alter London showroom is filled with masses of rich fabrics to choose from, unique and desirable furniture styles, and plush imaginative textures that complement any furniture collection. In addition, we have beautiful stock items that can enrich any interior space, including the newest trends in home accessories. We feature an incredible array of choices for you to create your interior design vision. Take a look online at some of the exquisite styles that we offer for your home.

If your design appetite cannot be satisfied through our website, you are welcome to visit our creative sanctuary in London to experience our newest designs and have a chat with our team. We promise you will leave feeling inspired and full of ideas.

the alter london team

When you work with Alter London you work with industry professionals who understand that timely delivery and diligent attention to detail is vital.

Our passionate team of designers offer experience and support to all potential clients through personal and tailored service. Involve Alter London from the beginning of your project, and we can help you recapture the uniqueness of your imagination or plant a seed of inspiration for your future design projects.


We simply can’t stop talking design.

At Alter London we live, talk and breathe design, which creates a forum for great ideas we want to share.

We invite you to take a look at our insights on interior design through the Alter It blog, where we write and share our view on latest trends, new exciting ventures, curiosity peeking ideas, and Alter London’s newest furniture designs.

For continuous inspiration and design-talk, join the online conversation on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest sites.